baileys dog


I love the bailey in the middle of my dog’s yard. I have a dog named Jax and I love the sight of his bailey in the ground. I have a little dog named Lolo who has a huge dog’s face. The bailey of a dog is my favorite thing about them. The bailey also serves as the entrance to the yard, and the barbed wire in the middle of it gives it a look of class.

The bailey is simply a nice, simple garden gate. I’ve had dogs in my yard that would not even look at that because they couldn’t quite see it. I get that the bailey is meant to be hidden, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I would rather people see it as a nice addition to the yard, rather than a “bastion” and a “security fence.

The bailey of a dog. A gate through which a dog can come and go from the yard.

As it turns out, dogs and their owners are a bit divided on the bailey of a dog. Many dogs simply dont like it. Some will simply not go over the fence. It seems to be a gate with a lot of security features built on it. That said, my family has a dog named Lola. She has a very stubborn dog who cannot look at me with anything but a look of disdain.

I’m not sure what the fuss is about, but I think this is one of those “everyone knows it’s a no-no” arguments. Sure, it might be silly to ban dogs from the yard, but we don’t see anyone in our neighborhood who will let their dogs pee in the yard. What I think is ridiculous is the idea that these dogs are somehow different from dogs we’ve allowed to pee in our yard. They are just dogs.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I would be VERY surprised if they were.

I think we all have a dog we tolerate in our yard because we have a dog. To me, the argument is that I dont want my dog peeing in my yard. I would say that most dogs should be allowed to pee in our yard. This is because they are part of the family, and they need to be able to pee in our yard. I think it would be much more harmful for the neighborhood if a dog was allowed to pee in the house.

And dogs need to have homes too. They have to be able to be in their own homes. The only time they are allowed to pee in a dog’s yard is if it is a dog you are having for a friend. So the argument is that you dont want your dog pissing all over your yard.

True. But this is because it is a dog. Dogs are our family members. No matter how many times we have told them not to pee in our yard, they still do it. This is because dogs are so smart they know how to keep their poo in the yard.

But we are more than just our dogs. We are people too. We are humans. The only reason we don’t piss on our own yard is because we don’t understand the consequences of pissing on our own yard. We also don’t understand the consequences of throwing a shoe at a dog. So we don’t even piss on our own yard.


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