best political cartoons 2016


While, political cartoons are still funny, my favorite, and most recent political cartoon from 2016, is this image I posted in April of this year. In it, I show how there are three levels of self-awareness and how we can use the same principles to improve our lives.

So let’s start with the first level. People can often believe that their behavior is right and the result will be good. Whether it’s a bully being bullied, or a person in a position of power being abused, it is better to do what you think is right rather than what you know is right. These days this mindset has become so common that we can hardly even believe we are living at the top of the social ladder.

In reality the behavior of others is often the opposite of what we think. The very fact that we can think about others to the point where we act upon them can often turn out to be a sign of our own insecurities. In terms of self-awareness, this mindset can only be corrected by exercising self-control. In terms of our ability to think in a certain way, it’s not something we can ever fully learn.

But we can learn to think like someone else. That is, we can learn to think about ourselves as a specific type of person. Instead of thinking that I’m an asshole, I can think that I am intelligent as well as understanding, which will make me a better person. The result of this type of self-awareness is that I can be more confident. When I have a bad day, I think more about how I’m going to deal with it.

That’s a good thing, because the worst thing you can do is act as if you’re a certain way. You don’t have to act like a certain way, but you do need to act in a certain way. That’s because people act more or less like someone else. So you can’t act as yourself.

There is a saying that “being yourself is the greatest evil in the world.” Its also true that if you’re not yourself, you’re not truly of your own. Your actions reflect yourself, and your actions are more likely to be influenced by other people. This is why we have laws that make us afraid to speak our thoughts, even in the most private of conversations.

As you can see, the world doesn’t go that easy on us and says we should act as someone else. I think that’s why people use a lot of words like “good” and “bad”. There are some things that are good for you and some that are not good for you. It’s a complex world and it doesn’t take much to be against it.

We can argue about how much we should or shouldn’t do, but what we should or shouldn’t do is a reflection of ourselves. We should be able to see ourselves clearly, to see our own side of things. We should be able to see the good and the bad sides of a situation without feeling that we have to hide behind people who are trying to force us to be what they think we should be.

There is a lot of good quality political cartoons out there. I have to admit I have no clue who the artist is, but it is definitely top notch. I would recommend giving some of these some time. There are so many great political cartoons out there it can be very difficult to decide which ones to watch. As a rule, I love these funny cartoons like the one about the American Flag that you see on some CNN news programs. That one is hilarious.

I actually watched that one while eating lunch with my family in the United States of America. I just couldn’t help myself. I have been watching political cartoons online since I was a kid. There is something about these cartoons that I can’t really pin down. I have watched a lot of political cartoons online, but some of them are so silly that I have to try to figure out who the artist is. I know it’s not really them.


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