glen mcmahon


I am always so grateful that my parents were able to let me grow up around farm products, whether it is in the home, a farm, or even the wild. I am grateful for all the foods that I grew up eating, and am excited to share the knowledge that I have.

I have to admit that I don’t always get the best nutrition when I am out in the field, but I do like to be able to share with others the types of foods that I know I can trust, that will nourish me. Glen McMahon was a farmer in the U.K. for most of his life, and he became a vegan because he realized that the foods that he ate were not only unhealthy, but were harming his health.

In his early years as a farmer, McMahon took a vegan diet very seriously, and he also went searching for alternative foods to eat. It wasn’t long until he started to notice that he was gaining weight, his energy levels dropped, and his mood was less than happy. He saw other farmers on farms across Europe who were losing weight and said to himself, “I think I’ll go vegan.

Well, first off, it’s hard to be positive about someone who says he wants to go vegan, and then to actually go vegan yourself, you have to go through the hardest process of all. It is a difficult decision that you have to make for yourself. If you go vegan, then the other people who love you and want to keep you alive will go vegan too. If you go vegan, then you will have to eat more food.

But hey, it’s worth it. The fact that a lot of the farmers I know are on a plant-based diet is an indication that there is a huge difference between being a vegetarian and a vegan. I’m thinking of you, my friend.

If you want to follow the vegan diet then you’ll have to make up your mind whether you want to eat meat or not. There are two types of meat: red meat and non-red meat. Red meat is the stuff you cook with in your human food (ie. chicken and eggs) while non-red meat is the stuff that you eat in vegan food (ie. tofu, legumes, etc).

Since eating meat is seen as a moral issue, I think it is important to note that some vegans are vegetarians. The vegan diet is not the same as the vegetarian diet – it’s a choice between two very different types of food. Also, there is a difference between eating meat and eating other animals. The meat you eat is living, breathing, and sentient life. To eat it would be to kill it. Eating other animals is simply to eat them.

In the vegan community, meat is often seen as a’sacred’ food. It’s not. Eating meat is a choice between eating other animals and having a conscience. The world is much wilder without meat. It’s a shame because it’s such a nice and easy way to get veganism right.

Eating meat is a choice between eating other animals and having a conscience.

The choice between eating other animals and having a conscience is a big one. People often make this choice without consulting the scientific literature, where there seems to be a lot of evidence that shows eating meat is pretty bad for you, your health, and your environment. We’ve found this information so hard to get, we made a video about it. In the video, we show how eating meat is one of the main causes of diabetes. It’s a common reason people avoid it.


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