isis fighters killed video


It’s been a long time since we have seen any video from the terrorist organization ISIS. But in the last few days we have been seeing a new video from ISIS fighting again. The video is from two of the ISIS members who were killed in the recent ISIS attacks in Paris. And while the video wasn’t released at the time of writing, it’s safe to say that the media will be reporting on this new ISIS video in the coming days.

I’m not sure what exactly is going on in this video, but as you can see the fighters are in a fight for survival. Its not just a fight to the death, but for survival. The group who make up this video are not going to let this get out of their control. And the fact that they are fighting for the very survival of the group is also something else that makes me question what is going on.

The battle is set to begin now. They are making their move. They are ready, and they are going to take on the fight. I just hope this video isn’t a prelude to something much bigger.

The video itself is a bit vague, to say the least. The fighters are definitely looking to take out the enemy; however, there is no hint of what is actually going to happen. They are simply fighting for survival. And while it is implied that they would be taking out their enemies, they are also going to make their own allies a part of their group in the process.

The game is going to have a new character who is the captain of the party. She’s going to fight for the leader of the party, and she’s being called a captain by the leader before the enemy gets to her.

The game is going to be quite action-packed, and the enemies are going to be vicious, but I’m not sure if they will be able to kill you in the way they’re expecting. The game is going to be very challenging, and it’s going to come down to how well you play. There might be a boss you have to defeat, and it may be difficult to do that, or it may be really easy, and you might be able to win.

The game goes in 4-4 sorta ways, and each player has their own story. In the story, you will see an army of characters, from a sniper with a rocket launcher to a battle boss with a tank, all of whom are going to be killing each other. It’s going to be hard to understand why, but you’ll know why you will. The player who has the most to lose will be the one who has the worst feeling.

When you shoot at a person, you become focused, focused, focused. That is because you are focused, because you are focused and you are a soldier. This is what makes the game so fun, and it is the game that keeps the players engaged at the end of the game.

I know the game’s art style is a little bit different than most shooters, but it’s really not that hard to tell that the game is a shooter. Most shooters are shoot-em-ups that are designed to be played on a controller. The game’s art style is really not that different from the other ones that we’ve seen.


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