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After making the decision of which apartment to move into, life became a whole lot easier when I found an apartment with a kitchen I could use. I have a tiny kitchen. I have a tiny stove in my tiny apartment. I have tiny living room. I have tiny bedroom. So you see, I have a lot of things to do and a lot of things to buy that makes me feel less stressed.

We were in the middle of a house cleaning job and I was in charge of cleaning the kitchen and cleaning the living room. I called up some friends and they helped me clean and cleaned every single room. They were very helpful. That’s what I wanted.

When you’re cleaning, you don’t have to do all the cleaning. You can do a small amount of cleaning the kitchen and living room, and get a lot done in the rest of your apartment. Then you can give all the apartment’s rooms a little cleaning, and everything will be clean.

We have a friend who cleans all the rooms in her apartment. She said she could do it in one day. I said I couldnt. I wouldnt want to. I would have to do it several days in a row. I ended up cleaning the kitchen twice a day and the living room twice a day. I had to put my cleaning supplies in the dishwasher and clean it twice a day. It took me two days of this.

We are all in for a long walk through our apartment.

And now it’s been 60 days since we moved in. And the apartment is still filthy.

What I meant by that was that I could have done it in 60 days, but I wouldnt have wanted to. And I wouldnt have needed to do it in 60 days. Most of all though, I wouldnt have needed to do it in 60 days. It wasnt hard to clean my apartment. It was easy for me to clean it.

What we’re doing here is a bit of a meta-analysis of how much we spend each day on cleaning. We’ve started by taking all the data from different cleaning categories and taking it as a whole. Then, we’ve taken the top 10 cleaning categories and averaged them. We’ll take the average and get the ‘average number of days spent cleaning’ for each category. We’ll then take the top 10 categories and get the ‘average number of days spent cleaning’ for those categories.

So basically, what we do with the data is we take the average and get the average days spent cleaning. Then we take the top 10 cleaning categories and get the average for those categories. What we can see is that the average days spent on cleaning is about 25.5 days. Now that is a lot. I know, I know I spend more than 25.5 days. But still. That is a huge amount of time, almost a full year of time.


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