obama’s final state of the union


The Obamas made a lot of promises at the last election. While I’m sure they are all true, my hope is that they can live up to all of them. Even if they’re not, I’m glad they’re finally going to make them. I will miss them.

My hope is for them to do more than just hold hands at the end and say “I love you.” I hope they make a difference in this country. I hope they keep their promises to the American public. I hope they make a difference in the lives of the people of Afghanistan. I hope all of that is true.

I hope they do make a difference. I wish they do so much more than just hold hands and say I love you.I wish they do so much more than just keep their mouths shut.I wish they do so much more than just make promises they know are never going to be kept.I wish they do so much more than just say I love you.

In the video above the president makes a few remarks before delivering his address. “We must ask the American people, ‘What do you want?’ ” The president said, “I don’t want a bunch of money and a bunch of political favors.

This is why I think President Obama’s speech should have been included in our video. Instead of talking about his own political favors, he should have talked about the need for our country to be more involved in the world. Instead, we’re presented with a list of things he said that he didn’t. While we all can agree we could’ve done more, we’re told instead that we should just do more.

The president is correct. The United States is an enormously wealthy country. It would seem that the only thing we can do to save some of this money is to be more involved in the world, and that is what President Obamas speech is saying. If we are so involved in the world, and it is so great, we should spend more time in Washington. It is not until we are involved in every major city in the country that the president is correct.

As an aside, I think we should all be grateful to President Obama for finally agreeing that the United States is a rich country. I was not aware that he is a rich country until I read this speech.

The President is referencing the fact that we spend more money than any nation in the world. So as the country is responsible for all of our national expenses, President Obama wants to spend it all on his new big city. He wants to spend all of it on the new city that he wants to build in Chicago, and that of course is Chicago.

All of this is just the political side of his speech. He has been advocating for a super-sized government for years, and he is finally able to make this happen. He has been pushing for the government to be in place for 20 years, but with this speech he has finally pushed these ideas into reality.

Yeah, this is just the real Obama. He is a politician, but one that has been pushed to the edge of his sanity by this speech. The speech is filled with a lot of weird and wonderful ideas, but he ends it by saying that he is going to get us to pay for all of it. He says that he has spent his whole life as the president of the United States and he is finally free of this burden.


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