warnock arrested capitol police


police have arrested a man who was caught on capitol hill police surveillance camera trying to break into the home of his ex girlfriend. the video shows an armed man wearing a bandana and brandishing a BB gun while running through the front door to the home of his ex girlfriend while she is home alone. the homeowner in the video had a prior altercation with the suspect and he got out of his car to confront him. when law enforcement arrived, the suspect grabbed a knife and fled the scene.

The security camera that the man described had captured him in the video was captured on video by a security camera. the guy is not a police officer, but rather a criminal by the name of his ex-girlfriend.

The homeowner was not able to get the man’s name. But he called the police and had the guy arrested for misdemeanor assault.

The homeowner described the suspect as being in his sixties and in his mid-40s. He was wearing a light-colored sweater and jeans. He was 5’7″ tall with a stocky build. He had a black goatee. His hair was very long and curly.

All that matters is if the man is in his sixties and in his mid-40s. He’s just a minor guy and probably doesn’t get to do much. I don’t know what the hell he’s doing, but that’s the only thing that matters. He’d certainly spend the rest of his life in jail for a felony if he was ever caught. He never did anything to anybody.

The man was arrested for taking a picture of a man’s car and posting it on Facebook. It turns out that he is also a convicted felon and has a record for armed robbery, but he’s not even in the picture and we don’t know what he was doing in it.

Warningock is the real deal. I know that all of this sounds crazy and there is probably an innocent explanation as to why he was arrested but its just wrong. He was arrested because he was posting a picture of his car to Facebook. So there was a car accident. He took the picture in the area where the accident was happening, which is not close to where the car accident took place.

In my opinion, it doesn’t matter how many times someone posts a picture of their car, and then it doesn’t show up in a photo-sharing service. Facebook is a place where you can do anything. This is why they have so many people go there and make “friends” there. It’s a place where your entire life is available for anyone to see. The thing is, people do this all the time, and the whole world knows about it.

That’s a really good point.

I remember being in college with my buddy, and we were in the parking lot of a school. We had gone to school together, and when we arrived at the school, we were like, “Hey, thats where we are.” And then we saw a car where we were. We were like, “Oh my god, its our car.” We pulled it out of the garage and I was like, “Man, you can’t pull this car out of the garage.


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