If you’re interested in politics, chances are you’ve got opinions. And if hang out in political circles or have a strong social media presence, odds are your opinions get shared around pretty frequently. But what about those who only follow politics peripherally? What do they think?

Well, that’s why we’ve put together this handy list of politic coverage from around the world.

  1. Fight Club: President Obama vs. the Congress
  2. Is Iran ready for nuclear war?
  3. When the United States was divided
  4. When the people take over
  5. Politics all over the world [ENG]
  6. The world’s best government according to one voter
  7. What makes a good leader? 
  8. Is Britain ready for another election? 

Politics all over the world

  1. World’s best government?
  2. The one percent and our democracy 
  3. Is the U.S. Ready for another election? 

Politics is something which can change all the equations of the world in a day, here is one such news which proves the fact that change can happen any time. The News is here below:

In the present scenario of Pakistan, which kind of politics do you think is acceptable to you?

  1. Politics based on Justice
  2. Politics getting done things right!
  3. Politics which makes the impossible possible!
  4. Politics is not religion, it is only the solution of all problems!
  5. Politics which makes the impossible possible!

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